Sunday, December 22, 2013

About 4 Square Feet

Today is day 1 of a new blog.  I don't see it being an every day thing, but I'm hoping for something close to once a week.

I moved to Southern California two years ago.  My time here started with December in a hotel, getting to know my new team.  I was able to go to my last Christmas back home with family and then we moved in January. 

Before we moved I worked in a team of 3.  After moving I am leading a team of 14 so co-worker Christmas is quite a lot bigger than I've ever experienced previously.  In both offices I bake.  Birthday, holiday & sometimes just because.    Always looking for new recipes to try, why not I have lots and lots of taste testers on my team alone, but up to 150 in just the office I work in, not to mention friends & family.

My first Christmas in the office, I prepared little tins with a bunch of treats in them.  Best Ever Cocoa Brownies (by the Smitten Kitchen)Shortbread Cookies, Mock Turtles, Meringue Christmas Trees & my Mom's Butterscotch Chews (recipe in next post).

This year I opted for more recipes and a different delivery method.  Instead of little individually packaged tins, they got a couple of days to pick from a variety tray AND that gave me the chance to offer treats to more people too.

My second round had those same cookies again, plus Sweet Potato Fudge, Chocolate Haystacks, Chewy Oatmeal Raisin, Brownies, Mom's Butterscotch Chews, Spritzer Cookies & Melomakerona

So why this blog? 
Today I discovered
The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

OMG I am super inspired and have already put my name on the notice list to participate next year. But that means I need a food blog, so today I start one...

Since I'm still in the baking mood, I have a couple of days worth of posts already dreamed up.  Why 4 Square Feet?  Well you'll see why as I begin posting.  My kitchen is itty bitty and I have very limited space in which to work, maybe I'll show it to you soon.  I have an oven, the top of a lift top freezer, a sink, a bunch of gadgets, small appliances, baking tools and about 4 square feet of counter space in which to make amazing things happen.  Hey, if the Smitten Kitchen can do it, why can't I.

I take inspiration from blogs, pinterest, tv and oh so many cookbooks.  I will always show you my sources and I wish I could share my treats with you too.  If you are thinking that you can't bake, or that it's too hard... stop, and give any of the recipes I hope to share with you, a try.  I hope you enjoy.

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