Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Now and Later #1

We found this book at our local discount book store, you can find it at Amazon   It's full of delicious and healthy recipes that you turn into other recipes. This is the first book I've found ever where I've wanted to try almost everything in it. So we picked out 7 pairings,  that's dinner and next day lunch for two of us for two weeks.  Went shopping and got everything we need for about $150, (Including pantry stock items like vinegar that we were out of).

The first meal was pretty tasty considering it was mostly chicken, potatoes, and carrots. For the second day you add a little bit more chicken stock, shrimp, spinach, canned tomatoes and a touch of hot sauce. Makes a really delicious and satisfying soup.

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  1. I loved the basil cilantro topping..and it smelled really yummy & tasted sooo good..still seemed like it had lemon..but really good.